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Our Presa Canario Family

We are a family kennels with a deep affection for the Presa Canario. Boss, our very first Presa Canario, was an unbelievable family pet and would guard the house with his life if required. At the same time, he was a loyal family friend and excellent with our two young boys. In fact, he was so tolerant and playful with them that we often worried more about him than our children.

When Boss came toward the later part of his life we did not want to lose this companionship, loyalty and security that the Presa Canarios had given us. So we searched the UK for a good example of the Presa Canario but could not find what we were looking for. As a result, we decided to visit the Canary Islands in order to find the very best Presa Canarios and make them available right here in the UK.

Our aim , therefore,  is to ensure the very best of the Presa Canario breed is available in the UK and elsewhere because of our belief in the excellence of the Presa. We have been involved with breeding Presa Canarios for the last ten years and have found them to be faithful,  loyal ,  and superb family dogs.

As a result of their careful breeding,  our dogs are natural guards and companions and are highly intelligent. Our dogs are a combination of the best available dogs from the top bloodlines in the world. With their outstanding looks and features and desire to work our dogs can be trained to the very highest standards and make first-rate personal protection dogs.