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Nicholas Sheldon and Tilly

I Just wanted to thank you for my beautiful Presa Canario,  Tilly. Over the past year and seven month, Tilly has been a loyal companion to me and we have enjoyed so much together like long walks and many treasured moments.

Tilly’s temperament is that of a true Presa Canario, she is very Sheldontestimonialpicobedient even walking off the lead, great around other animals,  and stops at all road crossings!  She has all the very best qualities of this superb breed.

Tilly is excellent with the  children and and other family members also with my newest family member, Chopper de Guardian, her little brother. I imagine Chopper will turn out to be just like Tilly because of her her influence on him.

Many Thanks & all the best for the future.

The Grants and Hunter

We purchased Hunter from Guardian Kennels when he was just thirteen weeks old and he is extremely loving and protective. He loves to play with the family and never turns down attention. As he was raised around a small child, he is good with children.

GrantsandHunterHe was really easy to house train and didn’t take him long to settle into his new surroundings. He likes long walks and enjoys mixing with other dogs and new people.

Hunter is now eighteen months old and has grown into a fine dog. Although he is a big dog he is really a big softie who loves to be stroked. However, he is a relatively quiet dog although he does have an intimidating bark!

He is cheeky but not naughty, and is very obedient. He has grown to fit in with our family and we could not imagine life without him now. It’s a joy to come home to Hunter as he is always really happy to see you